Created: 2020-09-13 20:05:36

Early x86 boot enviroment, ACPI and Module Prototyping

As this first real blog post, we will tell about our current state. As we have some technical followers we will also make some quite technical blog posts.
Currently we are in an early boot environment on x86 platforms where we boot with UEFI. We have some basic graphics, input/output and file system operations.

(QuasiOS boot splash screen)

To get the full hardware control we have to use ACPI and are working on our own AML parser and later also making an AML virtual machine.

(Debug information from the ACPI table)

The philosophy of our Operating System is that it should be highly modularized, therefor we are already working on some module prototyping to getting started designing how the modules should work.

(Debug information about the modules, load of modules and a list op loaded modules)

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